Congestion charging in towns like Shrewsbury?
12th June 2008
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With congestion charging firmly in place in London and talks of it being trialled in other cities such as Manchester, is its arrival in Shrewsbury an inevitability?

I lived in London for many years and whenever I go back for the odd weekend, I can't say I've noticed any reduction in traffic levels, noise or pollution. And that's what exactly what my London friends say. And of course they want to know where all that lovely congestion charge money is going.... And why are they paying a congestion charge to be stuck in congestion...? Public transport costs also seem to have rocketed - the bendy buses now cost double to what we were paying when we left in 2004.

So if anyone thinks congestion charging in Shrewsbury would be a good thing, let us know. Is Shrewsbury's traffic too busy? Are the roads always chocka? Is that five minute queue to get onto Frankwell Island giving you sleepless nights?

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