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2014 is proving to be a very busy time for my Shrewsbury based dog training business. I'd like to share a couple of success stories with you....
I have been all over the country dog training in 2013. From puppy training to dog aggression, my Shrewsbury business has been busy!
A Shropshire woman has swapped prisoners for pooches with the launch of a new mobile dog grooming business.
The start of my regular dog training advice column. If you live in Shrewsbury and have a doggy dilemma, get in touch!
Chances are, you won't want to leave your dog or cat but everyone needs a holiday once in a while! Our boarding kennels and catteries in the Shrewsbury area will be sure to look after your furry friends so you can enjoy yourself.
It's simple really - you want someone trained, they go to a training class. And dogs and puppies are no different, so if your four-legged is giving you trouble, call Shrewsbury dog trainer Mort Smith.
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