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27th August 2020
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Back in March when the world felt like it was turning upside down, like many others, I had to start working from home… But the question was, how on earth do you work from home when you’re a dog trainer?

Whilst the thought of putting dogs on conference calls and squeaking toys virtually was amusing, it certainly wasn’t very realistic.

After some consideration I trialled delivering the first part of my puppy training program (which is more for the owner than the puppy) via Skype. To my surprise the trials went really quite well - at the end of the day training the owner is just as important as training the puppy.

So, over the next few months you could find me on the computer talking to owners (rather than dogs) and offering advice. I backed this all up with factsheets, action plans and general ongoing support and was pleased to see new dog owners achieving fantastic results.

On top of coaching new owners, I was offering follow-up advice for existing clients and also running remote consultations over Zoom and the good old-fashioned phone!

However, as the country transitioned into the ‘new normal’, I had the opportunity to get back outside. I jumped at the chance to start seeing some dogs and their owners in real life rather than through a screen.

I started running socially distanced outdoor sessions and I’ve barely stopped since!

At the moment, my main focus is on socialising puppies who were not able to get out and about during lockdown. I’ve also been putting a major focus on separation anxiety.

Naturally, many owners are starting to leave home to get back to work. But what that means is, dogs who have got used to their owners being around all the time are now having to learn (or re-learn) how to be left on their own.

It’s no easy task to train puppies into feeling at ease by themselves, but so far, I’ve seen some fantastic results. I’m glad I’ve been able to help new and old dog owners alike get back into normal routines.

If you’d like some help with getting your pet to adjust to a post-lockdown life, you can give me a ring or WhatsApp on 07821 192 827, email us at or contact us through Facebook.


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