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Drivers could get back more than £1m paid out in parking fines after Richmond council found the penalty charge notices were "unlawful"
Richmond’s new Fairer Parking system, which will give local residents discounts on parking and starts to bring in 30 minutes’ free parking to all high streets, will now be implemented from 10 June rather than 1 April.
Easter DIY part two – can you actually afford to do what it is you want to do?
Richmond Council to hold nine village planning events to cover 14 villages across the borough between May and July.
The fair parking revolution continues in Richmond upon Thames, operating the new simpler parking tariffs from 1st April 2011.
Deadline for local businesses to take part in the Business All in One Survey draws closer.
Electrical top tips
Electrical top tips
Top tips on how to have safe electricals within your home
A much fairer system as responsible motorists pay an average £30 each year within their premiums to cover the costs of uninsured driving. It is estimated that uninsured and untraced drivers kill 160 people and injure 23,000 in the UK every year
A few words of wisdom from David Lewis of Change&More.
Sick and tired of those petty, needless parking fines? A new contract signed by Richmond Council could herald in a new era of customer focussed parking enforcement.
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