Richmond Council to refund parking charges issued by Council cars
7th July 2011
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Richmond Council Leader, Cllr Nicholas True, today apologised to motorists for issuing over 20,000 PCNs for parking-related offences from camera cars that were not properly certified.  The charges total over £1m.


The PCNs were issued between April 2009 and April 2011. The vast majority therefore fall outside the usual 28 day appeal period. Legal advice to the Council is that there is no need to repay parking charges outside the appeal period. However, as motorists had no way of knowing the charges were incorrectly levied, the Council, in accordance with its Fair Parking policies, is allowing a special 3-month appeal period from this month to enable motorists to request a refund. Any appeals made will automatically be allowed. This recommendation is being made to the July Cabinet.


This proposed action follows an investigation of the certification paperwork for all of the camera cars that have been operated by the Council since around June 2009.  Detailed certification is a requirement of the Department for Transport and the proposed payback follows the receipt of legal advice about the extent of the Council’s powers in this respect.


The two current CCTV cars are now correctly licensed, but their use is currently suspended. The Council has ordered a full review of every facet of the Parking Services operation. Only after that will the future of these two cars be decided, including whether they may have a use in areas other than parking.

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