Easter DIY part two – can you actually afford to do what it is you want to do?
8th April 2011
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Easter DIY part two – can you actually afford to do what it is you want to do?


Doing-it-Yourself probably sounds like it should be cheaper than getting someone in, and, if you get it right, it can be.  Thing is though, can you be sure of getting it right?  

Sorry if this sounds like an advert for us, but, this is the time of year we are most often in demand because someone has started a job and has run out of time, of enthusiasm or simply got bogged down with the tedium of it all.  The weather for this coming weekend (and indeed for Easter itself) is supposed to be lovely and do you really want to be indoors? Anyway, here are a few hints and tips if you really do.

Make sure you don’t underestimate the cost
– it can be really easy to underestimate how much the tools and materials you need actually cost.  If you do make a mistake it could cost you even more.  So, when you are working out what you’ll need for the job make sure you also make a list of everything you need (so you don’t miss anything out) then draw up a budget – and then stick to it.


Make sure you don’t skimp though.  If you do need to buy any equipment for the job don’t be tempted to simply buy the cheapest.  Cheap tools won’t last as long, or, be as hard-wearing.  There’s nothing worse when you’re in the middle of a job than finding you can’t drill that hole because the drill bit is blunt and needs replacing, or, that the motor on the drill itself has burned out.  We don’t know how true this is, but, there used to be a story doing the rounds that a certain brand of well-known drill was designed to only be good for a couple hundred hours in the motor before it needed to be replaced.  Remember too, to check your tools for signs of wear and tear each time you use them.  If they are in poor condition you would be wise to replace them.


Make sure you don’t underestimate the time – it is very easy to think that a certain job will take a lot less time than it actually will.  When you sit down to work out what you’ll need to buy in have a long think too that you sit down and work out how long each step is realistically likely to take, and then add a bit.  It's better to overestimate the time needed than to underestimate.  Be generous with your timings, especially if it's a job you've never done before.



This handy tip was brought to you by Paul Raubusch, Ace Handyman, (07786 565150 / ace.handyman@yahoo.co.uk / www.acehandymanservices.co.uk).

If you do want to call in the professionals, then feel free to contact us.  We will give you an estimate for free, and, you can free up your time for all those other things you’d like to spend your time on.


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