Council to make big push on New Richmond Card
20th April 2011
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Richmond’s new Fairer Parking system will now be implemented from 10 June rather than 1 April. The system, which will give local residents discounts on parking and starts to bring in 30 minutes’ free parking to all high streets, will be delayed to ensure the maximum number of residents get a New Richmond Card entitling them to discounts.

These are available free to local people but to date only a small number have been taken up. The Council does not wish to make an increase in parking charges before more residents qualify for discounts.

The council now plans to issue a minimum of 10,000 ‘free trial’ Richmond Cards. 16,000 New Richmond Cards are also being sent to every holder of a residents parking permit over the coming months. 

Talking about the special measures Leader of the Council Lord True said:

“Fair Parking is a major policy of this administration. It is designed to be both fair and to benefit local people and traders. The principle way in which our residents can access the benefits, free parking and discount on all charges, is by using a new Richmond Card. 

“We are very clear – if we are making these benefits available then we want people – residents and traders alike - to have them. We are therefore taking extra time making additional investment to get a New Richmond Card into the hands of as many borough residents as possible.

“For a start we are going to send a New Card to every holder of a residents’ permit.  That is approximately 16,000 people who we know drive and are eligible. We also hope they will help spread the word so as many others who want one can get one free.

“We will also distribute 10,000 free trial Richmond Cards. These will give the full benefits to the holder up to the end of August by which time if they have found the card useful, and we are sure they will, they can get a permanent new card absolutely free.

“These measures do cost money but they will ultimately be to the benefit of the borough and local people. Local traders will also benefit from the delay in higher parking tariffs that accompanies the decision.”

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