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I started training with Rachel two years ago to improve my flexibility and strength. Rachel has an excellent exercise library and my weekly PT sessions with her are always varied. She always brings lots of new ideas into my workouts to keep them challenging and interesting, using different pieces of equipment and a variety of training methods. She continued to train me both pre and post foot surgery, coming up with innovative ways to work with what I was able to do. This was integral to the quick recovery that I made. I definitely feel much stronger and more flexible since training with Rachel. I always look forward to my workout and would recommend her to anyone wanting to do the same.
Rachel has been a critical partner and motivator throughout my health transformation. Over 2 years of working with with her has resulted in significant measurable and sustainable improvements in my lifestyle and fitness. Her friendly, practical approach and balance of support and challenge has made PT sessions and circuits easy to look forward to and prioritise in my schedule and budget. She has great knowledge and experience and is always looking to build her knowledge of nutrition and how the body works into how she works with clients. Rachel really gets the practical challenges of fitting exercise in with work and children. She sees right through excuses and helps figure out how to reduce them. Most importantly, Rachel is great at understanding what a client is trying to achieve and works with where an individual is now and where they want to be. I enthusiastically recommend Rachel to anyone looking to improve their overall health and fitness.
I have been training with Rachel for over a year following the birth of my second child. She has helped me regain my pre-pregnancy fitness and self-confidence. In July I completed my training goal, cycling from London to Paris. In the time I have been training with Rachel I have lost 15kg! Rachel is not only an expert in post-pregnancy fitness but a mother herself and sympathetic to the concerns and needs of someone returning to sport after a long break. This can be a really daunting experience but Rachel made me feel confident and we really had fun in the sessions. Rachel's expertise is not limited to gym training, she gave me advice on core strength and nutrition which really helped with my weight loss. Best of all, I was able to bring my daughter to my training sessions and Rachel was happy to give her a cuddle if she got grumpy.
Before I started training with Rachel, I was 5lbs heavier and crippled with running injuries. But after training with Rachel for less than a year, I am stronger, more flexible, completely injury free and as an added bonus, have shaved inches off my waist and hips. In short, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Rachel really knows her stuff and is completely focused on helping her clients’ achieve their goals.
After two pregnancies I was looking to kick-start my motivation to exercise. Rachel helped me to achieve that and much more. A combination of diet and exercise enabled me to become significantly stronger, achieve focused fat loss and, most importantly, learn to trust my body again. Rachel kept the sessions challenging, interesting and varied. I highly recommend her.
Personal training with Rachel has been amazing! The hour long sessions are filled with non-stop, always changing exercises and stretches that have left me feeling much stronger in a short time. I started training with Rachel hoping to strengthen my legs and resolve some knee problems. She has helped me achieve that and so much more!
I used to hate exercise, smoke, drink, eat crap, do wall press ups. Because of you I hate exercise less, don’t smoke now, eat 80% less rubbish than I used too, and only drink once or twice a week. I recommend you whole heartedly as a proper change of life for the better…none of these dodgy fads.
Rachel is brilliant! Professional training, achieving REAL results.
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