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Hampton Court Palace is one of the country's most well known tourist attractions. With lavish architecture and interiors it's also home to the world's most famous hedge maze. Hampton Court Palace is within easy reach of both Richmond and Twickenham.

With around 500 years of royal history, Hampton Court Palace, possessing stunning architecture, opulent interiors of state apartments, vast Tudor kitchens, is one of Richmond borough's, if not the country's, most impressive tourist attractions.

Within the Hampton Court Palace grounds are also 60 acres of beautiful riverside gardens including probably the most famous hedge maze in the world. It was planted as part of the gardens laid out for William of Orange between 1689 and 1695 by George London and Henry Wise. Described with great wit in Jerome K. Jerome's novel 'Three Men in a Boat.'

Hampton Court Maze continues to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and is just another aspect of the palace which makes for a truly great day out, whether it be as a tourist destination, family outing or those just interested in a piece of history.

Key features of the Palace:

  • Stunning architecture
  • Opulent interiors of the state apartments
  • Vast Tudor kitchens
  • Part of Her Majesty's Queen Elizabeth's Royal Art Collection
  • A world famous maze

Learn more about the flamboyant Tudor King Henry VIII, who is the most widely associated with this majestic palace. Henry pouring his immense wealth into fabulous tapestries and paintings, housed and fed a huge court and pursued a succession of wives, political power and independence from Rome.

Hampton Court Palace now contains an integral part of the largest private collection of art in the world, the Royal Collection, the property of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

On visiting the Richmond's premier palace you can enjoy the splendour, the opulence and the tales of the fascinating royals who resided at Hampton Court Palace for over 500 years.

Hampton Court Palace

East Molesey

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Hampton Court Palace
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