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In the woods at winter
In the woods at winter
A blog by Zara Baines (Ceramicist) of the Southsea Greenhouse.
The Southsea Greenhouse
The Southsea Greenhouse
The Southsea Greenhouse - Still worth a visit now that Autumn is here ! Additional information also regarding Social Enterprise UK included !
Well worth following - Charity at Inn Lodge Portsmouth
Autumn at the Greenhouse
Autumn at the Greenhouse
An article from Sue of the Southsea Greenhouse
How can we keep the garden open for all?
This month sees the launch of New Theatre Royal’s first term of theatre workshops aimed at aspiring performers of all ages.
The New Theatre Royal - are looking for extras for an upcoming show The Silver Sword.
How do ewe get a buyer to choose your property above the many others advertised?
The Summer Garden, written by Graham Newcombe of the Southsea Greenhouse.
New Theatre Royal collaborates with Portsmouth Festivities on theatre performances for young audiences
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