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24th September 2015
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Recently brought to our attention, we at The Best Of Portsmouth believe this needs wider attention as a worthwhile cause ! The following is from Zest events.....

Portsmouth Hero’s has become a much larger event than we first imagined. We now have a whole day of variety, fund raising and family fun. Which has is amazing and daunting at the very same time. I’m glad that i am doing this with another company, it means that we can bounce ideas of each other and that there is also someone there holding my hand lol.

Working with Tresslyn has so far turned out to be a lot of fun, we have the same ideas and then same visions and if one of us seems to stumble on anything, then the other is there to support and ensure that we make the right decision.

However!!!!!!! maybe next April, after the huge charity auction and dinner, I can imagine us both sitting in wheelbarrows or shopping trolleys with our legs in the air as we drink left over champers, Hair all a mess and shoes hanging off. Mark and Dave will be pushing us home, as we finally relax and enjoy everything that we have done.

To go into what we are now doing, before we can be whisked away in our golden trolley.

We are doing a Fire-walk, where people will be sponsored . This money will be added to the main fund raising pot.

Before the Fire-walk we will be having a great family fun day with lots of raffles, games and other fund-raising games

After the Fire-walk we will be having a great evening of entertainment and again the money will go towards the charity pot. Once we have paid the expenses for these events, it will again go into the charity pot.

A charity psychic night and then in April 2016, we will be finishing this all off with a charity black tie dinner and auction. I am not sure on how much we will raise but I hope that it will be an amount that will do some good to people out there.

All these events are to be held at the Inn Lodge in Portsmouth, who have kindly donated the venue to us for the all the events apart from the Black Tie dinner and auction, its an amazing opertunity and we are so grateful for this. David McAndrew is not only a great guy to talk to, he has helped us with various information and pulled the stops out for us. Thank you to David and the team at The Inn Lodge, Portsmouth

I know that Tress is as excited as I am and there will be lots of updates on what we are doing and where we are in all the organising.

Even though we have all the above to organise and complete, I will still be working with the Lovely Andrew and Karen on our psychic evenings, some ladies nights and a large christmas party in Totton. Its busy busy busy and i am loving every minute of it.


Check out the charity on my pages from Facebook

Portsmouth Hero’s Past and Present.


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