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19th August 2015
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There’s an almost holy trinity for selling property:

•             Fab photos

•             Floor plans (ideally 2d & 3d)

•             AND a seductive marketing description.

Most estate agents spew a boring list of rooms, with measurements and fittings, such as radiators. That’s not doing the job they are being paid to do - Selling their client's home!

Your buyer needs to imagine themselves in the house and the marketing description should paint a lifestyle using evocative descriptions.

An agent should cover all of the basics, listing the rooms and any key features but a buyer isn’t that interested in the light fittings, or where a radiator is. The focus should be on the selling points - “What in this house makes it special and would stop a buyer in their tracks and go WOW!”? Feature fireplace? Spa bath? New or quirky kitchen or other features.


All marketing statements must be true (e.g. you can’t claim to have a bedroom when the room doesn’t have a window). There are strict rules governing this, set out in the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (which replaced the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991). This means that room measurements must be true and rooms must be as described.


Top tip: The key your description making sure that your initial 300 characters, which are the ones that appear in the summary listing on the portal, are the most compelling and appealing to your would-be buyer. Forget the boring “a good sized three bed semi-detached…”. This is your one chance to shine and grab your buyers’ interest. Don't miss out on an opportunity!


A word of warning: If you let your agent make a bad listing – photos, floorplan or description - then they are limiting the enquiries you’ll get and you could miss that perfect buyer who will love your property and offer the price you want.  Don’t be afraid to challenge your agent over their approach – or even re-write the description until you’re happy with it.


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