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11th December 2014
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First, decide on whether you want ceramic or natural stone tiles. This will start the process off quite easily and the end decision may well come down to budget on this front. Natural stone tiles may well look the part but they also cost too! Not only are they expensive but they tend to be porous so need a coating on them to make them waterproof. Ceramic tiles are the most popular as they are vastly cheaper than natural stone, are easy to clean and not only do they come waterproof but they also come in a wealth of colours, patterns and textures so there’s something for everyone  (unless you can’t make a decision to save your life, in which case such choice is not something to cheer about!).

Let’s talk texture. Depending on where the tiles are going will depend on the level of texture you may want. If you’re looking for floor tiles then there is no such thing as too much texture as smooth tiles may look all sleek and modern but you’ll soon regret that choice once the floor gets wet and you end up sliding into next week! When it comes to wall tiles, however, it will depend on the space. In a small or poorly lit bathroom a shiny tile may well work best as it will reflect light creating the illusion of a larger, brighter space. If you want to add interest to your bathroom then embossed tiles are a great way of adding texture and making the room less stark. This works best if you only have tiles in one or two colours.

Add a little colour! White seems to be popular all over the house these days but why not jazz your bathroom up a little with the addition of a splash of colour or a few patterned tiles! This can really enhance your bathroom and add a little spice to it.

Consider the tile size. If you have a small bathroom you don’t want large tiles as this will make the space seem even smaller. If this is the case, chose small tiles as not only will they need less cutting to fit around the sink, bath and toilet, these will also add more flow to your bathroom and make it feel less cramped than it really is. If you have more space to work with then you can get away with bigger tiles as these will give you a nice sleek look, especially if boarders or panels of tiles are used.

If this has inspired you to change your bathroom tiles, then why not have a look at what Freshwater Bathrooms can do for you! 

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