Behind the business: Luke Tuckey, Blinds in Harmony
22nd July 2013
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Name: Luke Tuckey

Business: Blinds in Harmony Ltd

Place of Birth: Enfield, London

What is your favourite TV show (and why)? "How I met your mother" and "The Big Bang Theory". They are both absolutely brilliant, with storey lines that are unpredictable and jokes that make me laugh out loud regularly.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Lasagne. It has meat, good carbs, bit of veg in there if it's home made and a delicious sauce which makes it slide down a treat. It has lots of goodness and is a meal all in one.

What is your ideal Sunday? I like to have a nice lie-in 'till 11.00 ish, have a bacon bap for breakfast, do some sort of sport for a few hours in the day, possibly badminton, a walk or a bike ride in the sun. Finish off the day by having a BBQ with some friends and family, having a chat and a drink 'till bedtime.

What was the last movie you saw (and was it any good)? "World War Z". It was quite good, a bit unrealistic, repetitive and predictable at times, but had some good action in and some good original plot twists too.

What have you been listening to in the car recently? Mostly "Kiss" or "Radio 1" depending on my mood. Kiss if I just want some music and Radio 1 if I want something else, such as Scott Mills with his on air games.

If you werent a blinds consultant, what would you like to be? I would either like to be a pilot as I would love to fly a plane, or in the police force as I believe they need as much help as possible to keep Britain honest.

Which four people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party? I don't really have any desire to meet famous people, so I would just invite my fiance and two of our closest friends. As we know each other well, there would be no awkwardness and we know what makes each other laugh, resulting in a good time.

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