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Andrew Dugmore
Member since: 29th September 2015
Last login: 22nd September 2016
Hometown: Pembrokeshire
As a skilled guide and educator, which is the result of a lifetime of engaging with the outdoors and with people from all walks of life, I have gathered an extensive knowledge of Pembrokeshire's heritage and landscape and through my tours, walks, talks and stories I brings places and people to life.
I bring many skills to my work including tour guiding, storytelling, nordic walking, nature awareness, wilderness skills, team building, mentoring and leading groups with additional support needs into the countryside. I have been a pioneer in the work of ecotherapy, founding a social enterprise I am passionate about leading people into a deep awareness and connection with the natural environment and how this work can positively transform a person's wellbeing and outlook. I am also qualified to teach " mental health first aid".
My proudest moment was leading a group of walkers on a 22 day pilgrimage expedition across South Wales for the " Cultural Olympiad in Wales 2015".