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What is a Steiner School?
What is a Steiner School?
Steiner Waldorf Schools are different - they focus on the holistic development of the child and its talents - not number crunching.
Spring is around the corner and Incredible Edible has thrown off its winter coat and is sharpening the pruning shears...
AN UPDATE from Hope Church in Oswestry: If you are looking for friendships, meaning and a smorgasbord of fun and interesting activities then Hope Church is for you!
Our shopping habits have changed dramatically, apparently - hmmmm...
Big up the importance of raising awareness, screening and treatement of Cancer - and have fun at the same time.
Oswestry Library - a place that is far more than books.
Crumbs! A positive embarrassment of riches on the table for you this August, with a whole raft of courses and workshops to get your creative itch scratched ( and keep the children busy).
Oswestry filled to the brim with great food and drink, footy in the park, music.... what a great weekend.!
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