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26th February 2015
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As you know Incredible Edible has been hibernating over the winter but it is now time to think about re-surfacing.
Two years ago IE Oswestry was launched and various projects were started or supported.  An initial small group of people came together to be a Steering Group to try and co-ordinate what was going on - finding people from the IE email list who wanted to help with projects/ liaising with press/obtaining grants for compost and generally monitoring the emails that were being sent in.    Over time, inevitably, some of these people have had to leave or reduce their involvement and that has left us without a steering group to carry IE forward.
We now need to consider what to do this year.  
One way forward is to form a steering group again to monitor emails, make suggestions and keep IE active.  The emails have been a good way to keep in touch with everyone but as IE is an empowering movement it might be felt that a steering group is not the best way forward.
So we need to know
  • what you feel about IE Oswestry
  • would you like to be involved in the 'running' of IE
  • do you think we need a steering group again
  • do we need IE Oswestry  or should the projects we've been involved with stand alone now
  • and what part do you want to play in IE
I shall monitor the responses over the next few weeks and let everyone know what the thoughts are; after that I  would like to be a part of IE and help on some projects when I can but not be involved in the steering group.
Here is a run down of what we've done so far (apologies if I've left something out!)
Created and maintained a growing space at Cornerstone Church
Talked to Woodside school and the proposed developments there
ran a very successful apple juicing project which resulted in being able to buy apple trees for local schools - Ian from Treflach Farm would be willing to help this happen again this year
Helped clear a space at St Martins church for the Brownie's Garden
obtained some peat free compost through the Council Grant scheme which is now stored at CROP and available for IE projects
Helped clear the Willow Garden at the Kinoculture cinema
taken part in various themed Market Days and Library promotions
created an IE window display in an empty town centre shop
helped/encouraged planting at the T.I.C. at the Heritage centre
helped/encouraged planting at The Centre at Oak Street
created a gmail account and sent out emails about related activities in the area
CROP was already established before IE and continues to thrive.  They have supported IE and been involved in many Market days.  It may be a good model to follow for other projects - a group of people who meet at a set day and time each week - and then these projects, whilst standing alone, can also come under the umbrella of IE for support/advertising/grants/etc.
There have been other possibilities which we've not got involved with as there weren't people available.  In the coming year new projects could be started and old projects continued. 
We currently have an email list of over 100 people, so there is the potential for getting Oswestry growing more.  I hope we can continue growing in Oswestry.  Please take the time to let us know your views and ideas.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Best wishes
on behalf of IEOswestry

If you would like to join the Incredible Edible Team, or make a comment or suggestion - email the team at

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