The Fiery Red Leader
23rd April 2014
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red brick‘Be Bold, Be Brief, Be gone!‘  That’s the motto of an individual who has an energy preference for Fiery Red.

What do we mean by this?  Well at Jungle, we recommend that all our programmes commence with gaining a greater understanding of yourself, how you work with others and as such how you might need to learn to adapt and connect more effectively with others.   fiery redWe know, from experience that this is a key factor in being successful.

So to commence this journey of personal discovery we use a tool called Insights Discovery which helps Leaders, Managers and individuals to develop the right interpersonal skills which not only empowers themselves, but can help to transform teams and entire organisations.

This post, gives you an insights into the Fiery Red Manager or Leader

What is Fiery Red energy?

Fiery Red colour energy can be characterised by the following adjectives:

  • Competitive
  • Demanding
  • Determined
  • Strong-willed
  • purposeful
  • Proactive
  • Courageous

When getting into a lift and individual who has a preference for Fiery Red is likely to want to press the button, have the lift appear immediately, get in and go straight to their desired floor!  No hanging around, no time for chit-chat with others just get straight to their chosen destination and fast.

Individuals with a preference for Fiery Red energy are active and move with a positive and firm direction.   They have a strong determination that influences those they interact with.  They are likely to be single-minded and determined in their focus on results.   They typically approach others in a direct and straightforward manner and are likely to seek an outcome that is specific and tangible.

Is this you?  Do you recognise this in others?

How to get the best out of this energy colour

MBD team photo 4Manager, Leaders (or anyone really!) with this energy preference enjoy being in control and like success!  They like to focus on results and objectives and enjoy being asked direct questions ‘what do you think’   but don’t waffle with your response as they expect you to focus on the facts (not feelings!) and want you to follow his/her pace.   As a Manager or Leader they will ensure you (if you report to them) focus on the right stuff that gets things done, and will categorically say ‘No’ to doing mindless, irrelevant tasks that get you nowhere.

Fiery Red Energy in Leadership on a ‘Bad Day’

When demands and pressure runs high then something inside us can bubble up and we might display certain behaviours that might not serve us quite so well.    On a bad day, someone with Fiery Red energy is likely to become overly direct (possibly even aggressive)   They are likely to drive things forward often dismissing others’ opinions and ideas as quite frankly they see that the only answer to getting the job/task done (and done quickly) is to do it they way they want it done.     They move become coercive and controlling and intolerant.

Leading a team with Fiery Red through energy

The preferences for fiery red energy means that there is likely to be a high focus on high challenge rather than high support, however what this can mean in practice is that whilst the team they lead has their sights firmly set on the deliverables, will take action on the ‘right’ things and will take accountability for what they have committed to, they may miss the importance of developing the softer side of things which are required to develop a high performing team.

Do you recognise the Fiery Red Manager or Leader within you?

Can you spot it in others?

What next?

energysWant to learn more?   Then you might be interested in reading our blogs on the other energy preference colours – remember we have all four energy preferences within us!

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