28th April 2014
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No one expects the early death of their spouse, whether through illness or accident, and they are not necessarily prepared for or able to cover the cost of a funeral.

To help out in this situation a fund called the Widows Payment or Benefit is available to help towards the cost of a funeral for the surviving partner, who is less than retirement age, and is available by applying to your local Council. It is a one off payment of £2000.00 that is not means tested, so available for anyone whatever their financial position, and is designed to help out at such a time that the dependent is in need of support. There is also no request for a repayment of it. Although called the Widows Payment it is available for Widowers as well.

Your Funeral Director should be able to advise you of this Fund when you have the consultation about the style and cost of your loved ones burial, please ask about it if it is not suggested to you.

Here at Hoskins Funeral Services we will help you access and complete the paperwork as part of our service. 

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