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10th May 2013
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Its back! The longest, most public (in some cases publicly humiliating!) interview has started again as The Apprentice hits our television screens for another series.

Love it or hate it, The Apprentice, a British reality television series sees a group of aspiring businessmen and women compete for the chance to work with the British business magnate Lord Sugar (previously known as “Sir Alan Sugar”). Thankfully, not all interviews are as long and grueling (or public!).

But when we do attend interviews, other than hearing the wonderful words ‘You’re Hired’ then it very rare to really know how you performed. Well, this is where Jungle recently came to the aid of several students at Telford College of Arts and Technology as they ran a series of ‘Mock Interviews’ to help them prepare and sell themselves at an interview.

The students had to prepare for a 10 minute interview focusing on 5 key questions, and at the end of the mock interviews they self scored, and received some feedback. The process was very effective and the students welcomed the opportunity to practice in a safe environment and learn about the areas where they could improve upon to really sell themselves in the future. So, we thought we would share some of our top tips for interview success ……….

Part 1 – Before the interview Do your homework/research – Learn as much as you can about the Company, College and/or University that you are applying for Read all literature that is sent to you – its been sent to you for a reason! Dress for success! Be prepared – take extra copies of your CV, a notepad with any questions you have prepared and a pen so you can write things down

Part 2 – Starting the Interview When you meet the interviewer greet them confidently, shake their hand firmly, smile, look them in the eye, introduce yourself …. then wait to be offered a seat Be positive in your communication (remember you are selling yourself!!!) consider your body language and let the interviewer lead the interview (don’t try and take over!)

Part 3 – The Interview Stay positive and thorough when answering questions. Never answer just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ try to provide explanations and examples Listen to the interviewer – don’t try and second guess what they might ask next If you don’t understand the question don’t be afraid to ask for clarity Organise your thoughts before speaking. Silence is not a bad thing as long as its not an excessive amount of time

Part 4 – The Close/Follow up Ask the questions you have prepared before the interview – or if they have been answered during the course of the interview and you don’t have any more then just recap and remind the interviewer that they have in fact answered all of the questions you wanted answering Ask about the decision making process and make sure that the interview knows how best to contact you Thank the interviewer for their time – shake their hand (firmly!) on the way out With all that preparation – you’ll soon be hearing the words…..You’re Hired!

Blog written by Jungle HR Ltd. For more information check out their feature in thebestof Ludlow and SW Shropshire Business section.

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