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2nd November 2015
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Letting in the light, providing us with a view of the outside world and keeping in the warmth, the windows in our home are certainly an important feature.


Windows come in a variety of shapes and colours to fit into our homes and there’s also an endless range of fastenings allowing us to open the windows during the spring and summer months.


In order to give you a better idea of the windows that are available, here’s a breakdown of the five types of windows.


1 Shaped Windows – To understand the concept of shaped windows, the easiest way to describe them is by their shapes, which would be round, arched or semi circles.  They work well by a front door, in a bathroom or on the landing.


2 Casement Windows – A versatile window that can be provided in any side with good strong hinges for additional security.  The window opening can be in the centre, at the top or bottom or on the left or right.  They’re double glazed and energy efficient, but there’s also the option for triple glazing.


3 Bay Window – Forming a bay in the room the bay window is a window space projecting outwards from the building’s walls.  The term bay window is used for any protruding window, even if it spans over more than one floor of a building.  It lets an amazing amount of light into the room and is fabulous as a dining room or lounge window.


4 Sash Window - Reaching their peak in the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian periods, sash windows are a traditional part of British Buildings.  The choice of the sash window ensures that the character and appearance of your home retains its traditional heritage. 


5 Tilt & Turn Windows – Suiting more modern buildings, the tilt and turn windows provide a more contemporary look.  Turning the hand on the window horizontally will allow the window to open from the top, just slightly to provide a little fresh air or ventilation into the room without the window becoming an obstacle.  If you close the window then turn the handle vertically, the window opens into the room from the side, which lets in a lot of air from the outside, a fabulous feature for a warm sunny day.


Even though the weather is pretty bleak at this time of year, it’s a great time to consider the transformations you’d like to make ready for the spring and summer months.  For help, advice and the installation of fabulous new windows to suit your property and your personal requirements, speak to Dream Installations Ltd in Lowestoft.

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