Wedding Planning in Lowestoft Part Four
6th November 2014
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We have reached the final part of the Lowestoft wedding planning checklist. If you missed the first three parts click here to view them. Part One / Part Two / Part Three.  Here are the next six points to deal with when planning your wedding.

  1. The first thing we are looking at in this part of the wedding checklist is Wedding Rings.  Whether it be one or both of the wedding couple having a wedding ring, now is the time to choose.  Some like matching and others go for their individual choices.  Whatever your choice remember that the rings may have to be ordered or altered to get the ring of your choice to fit, so make sure you do this in plenty of time.
  2. Booking a honeymoon is optional but if you would like a recommended travel agent to take ALL the hassle out of the planning, look no further than Donna Bidwell, Travel Counsellor.  Donna has long been arranging honeymoons of all destinations, lengths of times and tries to go that extra mile to ensure your honeymoon is perfect.
  3. Invitations need to be ordered for your wedding at this point.  In Lowestoft we have recommended design and print services from Graphic Solutions. They can take a design you have or come up with something new and put it in print ready for you to send out to your guests.
  4. Most people these days want to say thank you to the wedding party, these are the special people such as the best man, bridesmaids, parents, etc. Appropriate gifts are things such as flowers, from recommended florist Flowers by Sarah Jane.  Small keepsake gifts are also a lovely gift and can be found in The Gift Shop in Oulton Broad.
  5. A popular tradition these days are wedding favours, lots of people make these themselves by putting some sweets in a little organza bag or getting love hearts printed with their names on them.  Have some fun and come up with something original but meaningful to you.
  6. If you are changing your name you need to complete paperwork and documents, especially if you are travelling abroad, you need to make sure you take the appropriate paperwork.
  7. Lastly and not leastly, reserve a room for the wedding night.  Some venues will include this in the wedding package but check with the venue organiser or book a room nearby.


Hope you have found this wedding checklist helpful and above all else enjoy your day!


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