Flowers for All Occasions – What do people choose in Lowestoft?
26th October 2015
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Flowers are an extremely special sentiment that carry so many different meanings and used for so many occasions from happy through to sad.  They’re used for remembrance, to give thanks, to celebrate, to plead, to show appreciation etc. 


So what flowers are popular to celebrate, commemorate and recognise each occasion they are given for?


Birthdays – This occasion offers a broad spectrum of choice for flowers, because it’s down to the taste or character of the person receiving them.  For example, do they love a nice smell, a vibrant look, are they exotic, extravagant, glamorous, special, classic.  Roses and Orchids are extremely popular for Birthdays, but roses and lilies together are still a luxurious choice too.


Congratulations – It’s all about making the moment of congratulations extra special.  You therefore want to choose flowers that bring instant delight to the person you’re giving them to.  The choice needs to be heartfelt, again the rose is very popular, but colour is an important factor with people choosing combinations of pink or yellow and oranges for these occasions.


Get Well / Thinking of You – For these moments, people opt for the brighter coloured flowers or choose flowers with pleasant scents.  It’s all about making the person who’s receiving them feel better.  Anything that can brighten up their day or make them feel comfort, which is where the pleasant scents come into play. 


Romance / Anniversary – This offers flexible choice to the purchasers.  Traditionally, pinks, reds and roses spring to mind.  But often people like to think about who they are buying the flowers for and opt for brightness with yellows and oranges sometimes too.  

Funeral / Tributes – For these times, many stick with white flowers with the traditional lilies being popular.  But floral tributes can take many forms, i.e. the traditional cross, heart, reef etc. 


Whatever the occasion, the floral arrangement can vary and if you’re unsure of what you are looking for, we’d always recommend visiting your local florist for help and advice.  They will certainly know what flowers are popular or relevant for the occasion.  For assistance with flowers for occasions in Lowestoft visit Flowers by Sarah Jane.

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