Wedding Planning in Lowestoft Part Three
2nd October 2014
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Yes we are on the third part of the Lowestoft wedding planning checklist. If you missed the first two parts click here to view them. Part One / Part Two.  Here are the next six points to deal with when planning your wedding.

  1. It wouldn't be a wedding without a cake, there is an old wives tale that says a marriage isn't bonded until the couple, cut their wedding cake. Another superstition says that a bride must not make her own wedding cake, so put away that mixing bowl and give recommended wedding cake supplier A Piece of Cake a call.  A Piece of Cake in Lowestoft will go through exactly what you want and co-ordinate your cake with your theme or colour scheme.
  2. Shoes and accessories are next on the list, your wedding dress, suit or chosen outfit will not be able to be altered until you know which shoes you are going to wear. Accessories are personal to you, we are talking jewellery, veils, socks, cufflinks and any other extras you would like to personalise your look with.  
  3. Next you need to think about underwear and possible things like stockings and garters.  In the case of underwear it might be worth seeking the advice from your outfit supplier, as some wedding dresses require you to have, or not have, certain underwear.
  4. Your venue can be personalised with your choice of decoration, be it chair covers, flowers on tables, ballon arches or photographs of the wedding couple when they were young which is a popular idea. Remember to check if the venue is providing a seating plan as if not, you will need to produce a board with this information on.  If you require flowers on the tables remember to book these with you florist.  Flowers by Sarah Jane florist in Lowestoft are able to produce some outstanding floral displays to suit your tables.
  5. Of course the one thing you can not avoid is planning your wedding guest list.  This may be easy, or may be a headache, deciding exactly who to invite. Don't fall out with each other over family politics, it's really not worth it, you'll be so tied up on your wedding day it won't matter to you.
  6. If you are having wedding rings, either one or both, then decide on these now.  Some rings can be specially made or can take time to be altered, so plan ahead.

Don't miss the final part of our Lowestoft wedding planning checklist, coming soon.

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