Return of Frosty Mornings Could Mean A Return Of Oportunist Thieves
23rd February 2010
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Police are advising motorists to continue being vigilant against opportunist car thieves with the return of sub-zero temperatures over the next few days.

Forecasters suggest snow and ice will feature strongly over the course of the next week – and those are the conditions that can bring out car thieves.

Steve Day, Crime Reduction Officer for Leicestershire Constabulary’s South area, said: “The good news is that modern cars have very good security, and are very difficult to steal without the keys.”

“Unfortunately there are still car thieves operating in our area, and they look for an opportunity to steal vehicles with their keys left inside.”

“Some motorists may be tempted to leave their cars momentarily with their engines running, while the heating system clears frost or snow from the windscreen. Our advice is never leave your car unattended while it is unlocked or has the engine running.”

“This winter we have already had to deal with a number of reports of people whose cars have been stolen while they were defrosting them in this way.”

As well as the distress of having your vehicle taken, it could be a costly problem.

A spokesman for the Association of British Insurers said: “Leaving your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition could be seen as not taking reasonable care, and might invalidate any insurance claim if your vehicle is stolen in this way.”


Henry Whatley (7729)
Community Initiatives Coordinator
Harborough Local Policing Unit

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