Thefts from cars in the leicestershire area
22nd July 2009
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This is a message to all our watch members regarding an increase in the number of thefts from unattended motor vehicles.

During recent weeks Harborough & Lutterworth police have noticed a rise in this type of crime. In many cases the items stolen have been high value items which can be easily concealed about the person. In the last 90 days we have had 90 of these crimes reported across the district.

In addition to this these valuable items have often been left on display inside the vehicle. This turns the average family car into a shop window to the passing thief.

The following is a list of the criminal’s favourite easy to steal valuables:-


SATNAV equipment (very popular at the moment!)


Mobile phones


Laptop computers


Cash (even small change)


Jackets, holdalls & bags of any kind (to the thief it’s worth smashing a window just in case they contain something of value)


Handbags & wallets


Vehicle registration documents


Cheque books


Trade tools

Please pass this message onto as many motorists as you can. Your help with this initiative will undoubtedly help to reduce this kind of crime and thus assist your local policing unit in the fight against the criminals.

Your help is really appreciated.


Henry Whatley (7729)

Community Initiatives Co-ordinator

Harborough & Lutterworth Police

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