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Plans to build a 4700sqm Tesco, a four-storey hotel and 269 flats on a Tolworth brownfield site are up for discussion once again.
Kingston is encouraging people to come forward with ideas for how the borough could be more cycle-friendly under the Mayor of London’s Vision for Cycling.
With the ever popular fireworks displays on bonfire night in Kingston and Surrey rapidly approaching, this feature has very kindly been submitted by the London Fire brigade with our safety in mind.
If you are going to become a teacher of English – or if you are already a teacher – you know that it is not enough to be able to speak and write English well. You also need to know how English works, and to be able to give explanations and to answer learners’ questions. Then a new three-volume publication will certainly guide you along the way. This article is submitted by Alan Marsh, a greatly experienced Director of Studies and a Director of Teacher Training in various educational institutions.
The Royal Parks is recommending dog owners who walk their pets in Richmond and Bushy Parks to consider walking them outside the parks during the deer mating season.
Kingston Primary Care Trust will hold a lunchtime seminar, to launch the Workplace Wellbeing Charter to the local businesses. The seminar will be held in Kingston, on Friday 18th May 2012 in the Queen Anne’s suite at the Guildhall.
Why I drive Australian
Why I drive Australian
If you call me on my mobile when I'm driving, I'll be answering "G'day maaate!"
Has Spring sprung in Kingston at last?
Are charities being cheated?
Are charities being cheated?
Do you have problems getting those charity donation bags collected? I certainly do and I find it very frustrating. But most of all I think the charities are being cheated out of donations.
Men selling fish, charity workers, and boys peddling expensive dusters. Just some of the assortment of people who turn up on my doorstep throughout the week. The first two I understand, but I'd love to know who's behind the duster sellers.
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