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A New York-style elevated cycle route over the Thames and a pontoon-style cycle path along the river are among ambitious ideas being floated in a scheme to make Kingston more bike-friendly.
The fifth International Youth Arts Festival ready to showcase the best art Kingston has to offer. Over the years the festival has grown faster and larger with each instalment.
Malden Fortnight 2013
Malden Fortnight 2013
Malden Fortnight is organised by a small committee of volunteers who meet on the 3rd Wedesday of each month in the lounge of the Methodist Church.
Kingston is encouraging people to come forward with ideas for how the borough could be more cycle-friendly under the Mayor of London’s Vision for Cycling.
Local Wimbledon businessman and author Patrick Shanahan takes the male viewpoint of finding love on the internet in his new book, Cupid’s Pursuit.
It's that time of year again when zombies rise from the dead, witches emerge from behind their cauldrons and vampires sharpen their fangs. Here are just a few suggestions of some ghoulish goings on this Halloween 2012 in and around Kingston.
With the ever popular fireworks displays on bonfire night in Kingston and Surrey rapidly approaching, this feature has very kindly been submitted by the London Fire brigade with our safety in mind.
Halloween is a holiday annually celebrated on 31 October. The word ‘Halloween’ derives from the term ‘All Hallows Eve’ as, historically, the 31 October is the day before All Saint’s Day. Find out more about Halloween in general and what you can do at Halloween 2012 in London in this informative piece.
To commemorate this years Guy Fawkes Day and Bonfire Night, Kingston Round Table and Kingston Rotary Club are delighted to announce that once again they will be hosting Kingston's main Firework Display on Friday 2nd November 2012 at Kingsmeadow Athletics and Fitness Centre Stadium in Surrey.
If you are going to become a teacher of English – or if you are already a teacher – you know that it is not enough to be able to speak and write English well. You also need to know how English works, and to be able to give explanations and to answer learners’ questions. Then a new three-volume publication will certainly guide you along the way. This article is submitted by Alan Marsh, a greatly experienced Director of Studies and a Director of Teacher Training in various educational institutions.
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