Why I drive Australian
9th June 2010
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Got given a fantastic hands free mobile phone in car bluetooth communication thingy recently, by my sister in law who brought it with her as a present from Australia when she came to visit.

It actually listens to what you say and does what you tell it to do, so you can drive and talk on the phone completely safely.

It's called a BlueAnt S4 and here it is: http://bit.ly/as4b9C  

Basically you flip a switch when you get into the car and talk to it to tell it what you want it to do - mostly about getting your mobile to dial numbers, re-dial numbers, answer incoming calls, etc etc. Great.

Only one problem.

It was programmed in Australia, so instead of being activated by phrases in the Queen's English such as "Phone command", you need to say "Phone c'maaaaahnd" in an Aussie accent.

In fact, if you want to use it at all, you need to become an honorary Australian for the duration of the journey.

No worries mate, she's a beaut. Thank God they drive on the left just like us.


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