Financial benefits of giving up smoking.
8th January 2015
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Are you thinking of giving up smoking, of did you do it last year?


Now we are aware of the health benefits and there are financial benefits as well, firstly we don't have to buy cigarettes.


Have you thought about your life insurance or haven't had your life insurance reviewed since you gave up?

Maybe the premiums for being a smoker made it too expensive to have insurance BUT if you are stopping or if you gave up last year this can make a considerable difference in the cost!


I am no expert but I know a man who is, John Townsend from Best4U Insurance.

Most of us don't like to think about insurance but John can really help, life insurance premiums can be affordable and then you can be protecting your family forever.


Call John now for the best non-smoker rates in Kettering on 01536 384590 or just click this Life insurance for non smokers in Kettering link for all the information.

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