The Well Drop in Community Centre

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They are always so friendly and inviting. Very welcoming and caring at The Well.
A great place to meet and chat and relax witch friends. I like the Well in Bridge Street.
The cafe was light and airy, the food lovely and we had a warm welcome. I would definitely recommend.
Friendly and welcoming, nice place to meet and chat to people. Volunteers are always helpful and always have a listening ear.
This is a really good cafe in Rothwell. It has very friendly staff at The Well.
A very pleasant welcome and a nice cup of tea and toasted tea cake. We will definitely come again.
We are very fortunate to have the drop in centre in Rothwell. It is staffed by friendly volunteers and management who always have time to listen to us.
The Salvation Army cafe in Rothwell they have good service and friendly staff.
Always a warm welcome with good food and coffee here at The Well in Rothwell.
The Salvation Army in Rothwell, you get prompt service, clean and lovely food.
Always a warm very friendly welcome here plus service with a smile at The Well.
The Salvation Army here in Rothwell are very welcoming, friendly organisation.
This is a friendly place to meet friends. The prices are always good value.
A very friendly and good atmosphere. Nice to be able to meet up with friends here.
Enjoyable place to catch up and browse. Very friendly, lovely home made cakes, A regular user.
Very friendly and helpful staff make you feel welcome. Somewhere to shop, nice warm drinks a friendly face, someone always find the time to talk to you.
The whole atmosphere is lovely, an enjoyable place to meet up, have coffee and cake. Nice to browse in the shop as well.
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