Ninety-Five Ninety-Six Barbershop
  • School Lane
    NN16 0AH
If you're able to conquer the worlds most dangerous stairs in Kettering up above the bar you'll find us - The Barbers 95/96!

Ninety-Five Ninety-Six Barbershop

When you have climbed the worlds most dangerous stairs in Kettering up above the bar come on in.


95/96 BarberShop, meet the guy's here and we will be trimmin till our feet fall off at the busiest barbers in Kettering!

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Creative design, amazing cutting - get yourself looking sharp for the weekend.

95/96 Barber Shop, the miracle factory and we also use scissors in the shop for those that don't know.


We do take walk ins where we can, but we HIGHLY suggest that you go and book yourself an appointment to avoid disappointment and make sure you're ready to walk in to work late and leave early.

You should be looking to sharp to be working with the weekend just days or only a few hours away.

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If we have run out of appointments we will let you know on our Facebook.


Mention The Best of Kettering when you call into the barbers.


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