Ehipassiko Massage.

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£5 Off All Treatments.
  • Valid until: 30/11/2020
£5 off all treatments for new clients booking for December, who come from The Best of Kettering. Click here to Book and quote The Best of Kettering. View offer
Gift Vouchers for Treatments.
  • Valid until: 30/11/2020
Give a Gift Card to someone special. View offer
Couples Massage Treatment Offer
  • Valid until: 31/12/2020
Book a full body massage as a couple and save £5 off each treatment, £70 for 2 and book in back to back. View offer
Refer a friend and save £5 off your next treatment.
  • Valid until: 30/11/2020
Refer a friend and save £5 off your next treatment, just 1 could mean a free light head massage, 6 referrals could be a completely free treatment! View offer
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Massage doesn't have to be restricted to an expensive spa weekend.

You can get all the benefits of relaxation and pain relief locally in the Kettering area in less than an hour! Read article