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Make It About Them

22 February 2022 14:08

✍️ When a poorly written email lands in my inbox, I usually do what we all do and make that instant decision to delete it and move on. 📬 However, an email that I saw a little while back has inspired this week’s tip so you can make sure you don’t make the same awful mistake…

Just Ask For Reviews

07 February 2022 10:40

We’ve spoken before about how important and powerful reviews can be for your business.

Supersize Your Business

12 January 2022 10:49

🍟 When you hear the phrase “Supersizing”, if you immediately think of McDonalds then you’re on the right track. They, of course, made this strategy in business, really famous with the simple phrases – “Would you like fries with that?” and “Would you like to go large?”.

The Facebook Boost Trap

10 August 2021 16:29

There are ways to get your posts in front of people on Facebook other than just organic posts!

Jersey Fine Tea - Our story

Back in 2015 while searching for ways to sustainably diversify our farm, we were inspired by a radio programme on tea production in new growing countries. Could Jersey tea be a thing?

Your Best Salespeople

05 May 2021 13:50

🤔 Consumers have never been as cynical and as sceptical as they are today.

Jersey Fine Tea’s Field Manager

So, it’s time to properly introduce this important lady who’s been cropping up in our social feeds with Alicia. Lucyna, pictured on the right, is our newly appointed field manager. And makeup maestro – even in the fields, she’s nightclub ready.😆

Summer in a Glass

05 August 2020 09:04

Two delicious cocktail recipes for you to enjoy with locally-made wine and rum.

Meet the Chef of The Vineyard Restaurant, Marcin Ciechomski

La Mare Wine Estate recently shared a fascinating Q&A with their talented chef, Marcin Ciechomski. We thought you would enjoy it too!

Cherry Godfrey - Our Brand Story

The family story behind our company:

The Birth of the company and the birth of a successor on the same day, now that’s succession planning.

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