Top tips to a healthy mouth!
22nd June 2016
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Are you struggling to maintain the health of your teeth and your mouth? Well, here are a few keys tips to take into consideration when trying to keep your mouth as clean as possible!

 1.      Brush your teeth twice a day

The best time to brush your teeth is after meals, so for example after your breakfast and then late at night after your evening meal will definitely be the best of times. Brushing your teeth twice a day ensures your mouth remains clean and healthy – aim for at least 2-3 minutes when brushing your teeth. 

2.      Using fluoride toothpaste

The use of fluoride toothpaste will reduce your risk of decay and harden your tooth enamel, so ensure that your toothpaste is fluoride!

3. Reducing the amount of acidic drinks e.g. soft drinks.

Acidic drinks can be extremely bad for your teeth. The acid will dissolve minerals in tooth enamel and cause holes in your teeth. It can also soften tooth material making your teeth feel really sensitive.

4. Flossing

Flossing can help remove food particles and other detrimental substances that brushing cannot. Flossing will allow you to reach deep between your teeth where brushing cannot reach, when flossing it is recommended to be done at least once a day.

5. Visit your dentist

You should have check-ups with your dentist at least twice a year, so make sure you get booked in with Harbour Dental for your check up! The check-up allows you get a full picture as to how clean and healthy your mouth really is and tips on how to improve. Your dentist is the best person to talk to in regards to how many times they believe you should be seeing them throughout the year.  

6. Clean your tongue

Clean the surface of your tongue daily, cleaning your tongue will mean that you remove the countless bacteria’s that live there! 


So, if you are fed up with your original dentist, or would like to just join a new and well recommended dentist in Ipswich, contact Harbour Dental today, they have a range of experienced and professional dentists who can guide you to the healthy mouth of your dreams

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