What does a land surveyor do?
18th December 2014
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When do I need a surveyor?

A surveyor can be called upon when a map of an area is needed, whether you only want a map with the key features or a highly detailed map with exact position of all buildings and boundaries featuring. These are necessary or advisable when buying land or a property as a land surveyor will be able to tell you exactly what piece of land is for sale and the associated boundaries. Not only this but they will also be able to tell you who is allowed to have access to your property and where your legal standing and rights are regarding this.

A survey is also necessary if you want to make changes to your property or land as the boundaries need to be marked out to ensure you’re only making changes to your own land/property and are not encroaching on neighbouring property, thus saving problems and disputes from occurring in the future.

If you have a boundary dispute that needs settling then a land surveyor will be able resolve the issue and prevent it from reaching court.

What are some of the services a land surveyor offers?

  • Land valuation
  • Help with planning applications
  • Boundary surveying
  • Reviewing and altering deeds
  • Producing legal documents and maps
  • Help with footpaths
  • Advice on woodland, forests, lakes, pond and waterways
  • Draw up maps

If you think you need the help of a land surveyor then why not contact SB surveyors and see how they can help you.

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