Pensions and all about them!
17th March 2017
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Many people are sleep-walking toward financial insecurity at the end of their working life. Now is the time to stop! Get real, make a plan, and enlist the help of the Professionals at Thompson Financial Consulting IFA.

Thompson Financial of Ipswich are an Independent Financial Adviser, IFA, Company that focuses on Private Pensions, and Corporate Pensions. The Company advises many local people on the machinations of the Pensions Industry, guiding their clients toward correct choices, planning and compliance.

Thompson Financial Consulting IFA is happy to help people, or their company, to better manage their finances enabling them to create and protect their hard-earned wealth. Headed up by Mark Thompson IFA the team at Thompson Financial will gain a complete understanding of one’s true financial position and are then able to offer personal, tailor made, advice enabling you to create realistic and achievable plans for the future, in so doing making the security of you and your family so much greater. Every client is different, some people want to retire earlier that others, for others it may be enforced by circumstances, being able to retain one’s quality and standard of living is something that requires careful planning, with professional guidance.

Thompson Financial Consulting IFA offer a full financial review indicating how close you are to your financial goals, allowing you the chance to alter and improve your strategy to meet new or changing needs. You’ll also receive ongoing regular reviews of your pensions or investments to ensure potential growth and return.

Thompson Financial areas of Professional speciality are:

Pensions both Private and Corporate, do you have a personal pension or an old company pension? If so, do you know what it’s actually worth? You might be surprised to discover just how much is in your pension pot – and to learn the benefits you can gain from amalgamating old schemes, making new contributions, and generally ‘freshening up’ your pension planning. Whatever you do, the most appropriate advice is available.

Retirement products designed to maximise eventual gain, based directly on each individual client and their needs.

Investment and Portfolio Planning, Thompson Financial Consulting IFA already looks after client’s funds with a combined value of over £16 million.

Insurance protection both Personal and Corporate,

Inheritance tax.

Thompson Financial Consulting IFA of Ipswich s highly recommended by The Best of Ipswich showcasing local businesses that are trusted by local people.

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