Tips for surviving your kitchen refit
10th August 2015
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Having a new kitchen installed can be a long, painful and stressful process but here are some tips to make it as hassle free as possible.

First off, have a good look through your kitchen and work out everything you will need to keep out and what you can pack away. Make sure that you pack up everything but the essentials and especially pack away anything that you don’t want to get damaged or broken, and put it well out of the way. Any utensils that you do want, put them in plastic containers and label each one so you don’t have to hunt through them all to find the one that you want every time you want cutlery or spatula!

Decide on somewhere in the house to set up a temporary kitchen. Garages, utility rooms or cellars are good options but you may need to use your front room or dining room just for somewhere to have a kettle and microwave. Ask for one of your old units to be brought into wherever you decide your temporary kitchen is going to be so you have a bit of storage as well as a work surface.

If you’re not going to be losing your freezer, make plenty of meals ahead of time so all that is needed would be to defrost them and reheat in the microwave. If in summer, try and use a BBQ as much as possible, or get a camping stove as they are great for boiling kettles and doing small bits in a pan. Meals may not be very interesting but you’d be surprised what you can rustle up if you put your mind to it.

Get a noticeboard set up wherever your temporary kitchen is to help track the progress as it can take a lot longer than expected before you have your finished result. Take plenty of photos that you can put on the board and cross off milestones as they happen so you can see that your new kitchen is taking shape, even if it seems to be taking forever. By having something you can look will mean that you have visual proof that things are moving along and that your new kitchen is actually taking shape, even if it looks like a bomb has hit it and you can barely see for the dust that has appeared.

If you’re after a new kitchen and these tips have helped you to see that life can go on without one of the key rooms in your house, get in contact with Orwells Furniture today and they will create you your perfect kitchen to suit all of your needs. 

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