Things to consider before having a garage conversion
9th November 2016
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Think where you’ll put your things

Your garage has a lot of other things stored in it that are not related or useful to the room you want to convert into. If you’re keeping your gardening tools in your garage, you need to consider building a shed to transfer all of your belongings from the garage. This way, you can decide whether you’re going to covert the whole garage or just a part of it and put storage cabinets to store your tools.

Cost and materials

Get or ask for quotations on how much would be the projected cost in converting your garage. This greatly varies on the size of the space, materials to be used and if the garage already has stable foundations, wall and floor. Also, keep in mind that a living space’s insulation is different with the insulation needed for a garage. This will add up to the cost of converting your space.

Think about if it will add value to your home

Spending too much on your home without the good probability of investment returns might be a good sign for you not to proceed with the conversion. You can check the houses in your neighborhood and from there, you can analyse if a home with a garage will cost more if sold than a home without one.

Check on your area’s planning permission

Not all neighborhood allows drastic changes in the houses of homeowners especially if you’re living in a Conservation area or somewhere that has stricter rules when it comes to renovation and doing major constructions on your home. It’s better to check on these first than to be halted and waste money after starting the project and not be able to complete it.

Notify the authority

Since the use of your garage will change, the approval of building regulations is needed. You can contact your council’s building control service or any independent inspector to have your place checked. Just make sure that your garage is fit for a conversion to a living space to make the approval as easy as possible.

Converting your garage into a living space can be a fun project but it should be planned carefully and carried out by the experts. Contact Hood & Joy Builders who specialises in converting extra spaces into a living one. With their 25 years of experience, you can be rest assured that you’ll get the best converted room in your home. 

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