The benefits of getting your teeth professionally whitened
9th November 2016
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Whiter teeth

While common drugstore products can whiten our teeth, this is nothing compared to dentists’ state of the art equipment as well stronger products that can whiten your teeth effectively. Most teeth whitening procedure involve the use of hydrogen peroxide. However, local drugstores have hydrogen peroxide that has only 3% strength as oppose to the dentist’s 35% strength. This difference can greatly affect how white your teeth will become at the end of the process.

Fast results

Having the procedure done by the professional will yield instant result right after the procedure in oppose to DIY teeth whitening kits which will take a few more weeks before you can see any visible results. Most people who try this end up losing heart and discontinuing the product. At the end of the day, they visit a dentist to have their teeth whiten ultimately wasting their money on buying DIY teeth whitening kits.

DIY whitening kits don’t work on deep stains

When your teeth have severe case of staining, no DIY product can help your teeth as these are mostly not strong enough to make a difference. Deep stains in our teeth call for stronger products and procedures that will actually make a dent to the stain that we’re trying to remove.

Nothing beats the professional hands

Some DIY kits need a special method on how you will apply the product onto your teeth. Also, the chances of having an allergic reaction or feeling sharp pains due to sensitivity increases as you’re not able to test if the product suits you before buying it. Some teeth bleaching products should not come in contact with our gums and tongues. These things are best left on the professional hands of our trusted dentists.

Teeth whitening procedures don’t take a long time especially if you don’t have severe case of deep stains. If you insist on doing it by yourself, you might end up paying more after trying to treat the damage DIY teeth whiteners have caused. For your teeth whitening and other dental needs, contact Harbour Dental Care and be rest assured that you’re in good hands and you’ll be able to flash your best smile in no time. 

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