The Benefits of a Loft Conversion
20th November 2015
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Whatever space we have in our homes, we always want and need more, particularly if we’re a growing family.  Space can get pretty tight as the children grow up and require more living and storage space. 


Whilst there are many innovative and clever devices available to store our belongings within the home, including space saving bags and functional drawer and cupboard furniture solutions, it’s the living space that is still in short supply.

Many homes don’t necessarily have enough space within their plot of land for the homeowner to consider adding additional rooms.  This would mainly sacrifice valuable outdoor space within the gardens, which is not preferable for family homes, as outdoor living during summer months is ideal for children.  To build or convert the attic or loft carries a number of benefits and will give you extra living space within the home without losing space outside. 

More Affordable than Moving House – It’s important to assess how much additional space you require.  Your loft is already a part of your property as a base structure, so the costs for its adaptation to make it into living space will be at a fraction of the cost of a new home.  Compared to increasing the size of your living space by finding and purchasing a larger home, a loft conversion will save you money in the long term because it will also add value to your existing property.

Energy Efficient – Extensions, conservatories and additional rooms and living space often increases monthly utility costs.  However, loft conversions are energy efficient and won’t increase these as much as other room extensions.  This is because heat rises, so your provision for a heat source within the loft conversion to heat the room can be a little smaller.  Also, loft spaces are well insulated, as roof spaces are the part of your home that should maintain and hold in the heat.

Income Generation – We’ve talked about the need for a loft conversion to increase space within the home for growing families.  However, as a homeowner, you may not be in this situation, but a loft conversion can be considered for purposes of renting out space within your home to generate income.  As well as increasing the value of your property, the space could be converted for the use of independent living space to generate a monthly income for you and support your own mortgage payments. 


The benefits of a loft conversion vary from household to household and to discuss your options in greater detail contact Hood & Joy Builders who specialise in loft and attic conversions with over 25 years of experience in Ipswich, throughout Suffolk and the surrounding areas too.

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