Taking Children to the Dentist Early
17th March 2017
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Introducing children as toddlers allows them to start life without concerns about what the Dentist does. Too many adults have gone through life only experiencing remedial treatment that could have been avoided had they learned about preventative care in their early years.

Harbour Dental Care in Ipswich is a small dental practice whose welcoming team offers personal professional care and attention to people of all ages, providing every member of the family with a friendly, comfortable and reassuring service. As their name suggests, the team genuinely care, they care about their patients and about making sure that they are at ease and happy, and they are passionate about dentistry.

They strive to provide a high standard of treatment and ensure that each patients teeth and general oral health are in great condition. They want their patients to have beautiful, healthy teeth, and we want them to be smiling because we’ve helped them achieve it. This process starts with young children being introduce to oral health and to the dentist experience as early as possible.

Introducing children to the dentist experience starts with taking them once their own teeth begin to develop. The dentist will perform a gentle inspection of their baby teeth and make a fuss of them, possibly awarding a badge of honour. A ride up and down in the dentist’s chair, maybe on Mums knee, is great fun, and that is excellent. As children learn by experience parents and professionals need to make the occasion one that they are eager to do again.

As children develop there may be adjustments required, straightening wayward teeth, reducing crowding to allow new adult teeth to fit into place, fitting and adjusting braces in time to improve a smile with beautiful healthy teeth that will last a lifetime boosting confidence and self-esteem.

By starting early in a child’s life, it is made easier to have a regular visit to one’s dentist for checkups, and having developed an awareness in the child about the need for good oral hygiene the risk of remedial work will be substantially reduced. Teeth are for life and if we learn to take good care of them they will serve us well.

Malcolm R Harbour and his team look forward to welcoming young children and their parents to the practice, the practice details are:

 Harbour Dental Care is located in 27 High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3QH.

Harbour Dental Care of Ipswich is warmly recommended by The Best of Ipswich, showcasing local business that have the support and the confidence of local people. 

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