Garage Conversions
13th May 2015
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Garages are great for turning into an extra bedroom, more living space, a luxury cinema, home gym or something more practical such as a home office or bathroom.

Converting a garage will often result in a more space than by converting a loft and can often be done cheaper. But why should you convert your garage?

First, more and more frequently you see cars living either on the drive or parked on the street and garages used as extra storage space. If you aren’t using your garage for your car then why not convert it to give you the extra space you need.

Converting your garage will add more space to your house and thus add to the price for which you can sell for if/when you end up moving.

If your garage is attached to the side of your house then you will find that you add more light to your house, especially if you add glazed doors between your current living space and your garage. The extra light will lead to a more airy look.

While this may have convinced you that a garage conversion is what you need most, there are practicalities that could well end up having significant bearings on your plans. If you don’t check out the legal issues before you start building, you could end up having to turn your new room back into a garage at your own cost. You need to check your lease/contract to see if there are any restrictive clauses placed there by the builders preventing a conversion. If you do find them, you could be able to circumvent this with a fee. You will also need to check with the council about where you stand regarding planning permission. You should only need permission if you’re planning on extending the garage too, but always best to check as rules differ from local authority to local authority. Lastly, you will need to check what building regulations apply to you before you even consider starting the conversion process and possibly several times during the process.

If things are looking good that you will be able to convert your garage, you then need to find a reputable company who will carry out the conversion for you. It’s worth putting in a lot of effort here as a bad conversion will detract from the value of the house, which is not what you would want. You should be able to tell how good the builder should be by checking that they are members of a reputable trade organisation, for example, the Federation of Master Builders.

If you’re looking for one such company then get in contact with Hood and Joy Builders today! 

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