Don't avoid your dentist for too long!
18th August 2016
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You really shouldn't avoid dental appointments for many reasons, for example:


This is one of the most common reasons people visit their dentist once again! After several years of missing appointments or avoiding the dentist, toothaches are more than likely to occur. Improper caring of our teeth will develop cavities over time and end up boring a hole in your teeth. Most people ignore the sudden pain when eating hot or cold food, or the pain when chewing because it’s still tolerable and can be relieved by popping a simple pain killer. However, the problem will only worsen and the root cause of the problem will not be treated which will turn to sever toothaches and ultimately leading you to the next one.

Losing your teeth

When a cavity has already taken hold of your teeth and it becomes impossible to cover with dental fillings, that’s the time that you’ll start to lose your teeth as the dentist will have no choice but to extract your teeth. After pulling your teeth out, you’ll be left with gaps which you can fill by wearing dentures. However you can avoid this by having regular visits to the dentist!

Expensive dental procedures

Dental appointments can be costly if you end up having a bigger procedure. The longer you leave your teeth, the worse the problem can get. 

Bad breath

If expensive procedures and painful toothaches won’t change your mind in visiting your dentist, then maybe having bad breath will. Bad breath can be due to other medical reasons but the most common cause of this is poor dental hygiene. Of course, good dental hygiene is really important but it doesn’t matter how many bottles of mouthwash you use. Regular dental checks are necessary.

If you haven’t visit your dentist for the past six months, don’t hesitate now and book your next appointment, contact Harbour Dental Care and let their professional hands take care of your teeth and oral health. 

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