Change your loft into a room!
18th August 2016
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If you have no idea what to use your attic/loft for, we have the most common ideas for you to choose from:

Game room

If you’re looking for a place where you can shake away your whole day of work stress or a place for the kids to hang out with their friends, then turn your attic into a game room. You can install consoles or computers, as well as pool tables, table hockey, table football or table tennis. This could be your man’s or woman’s cave and get to enjoy exciting games and activities.

Extra bedroom

You can turn your attic into an extra room especially if you have roof windows which will be spectacular during the night time. This could be your guest room so whenever you have friends coming over and staying for a night, they don’t have to spend their hours shifting, trying to find a comfortable position on your floor.

Nursery room

The size of an attic is perfect for small children and teenagers  to have their own space to get some privacy away from their parents.

Small library / reading nook

An attic library is perfect for book lovers as they get to enjoy quiet time while reading their favorite book. The exceptional view from the windows are also an added bonus.

Gym at home

If you’re one of those people who are anxious about going to gym and be seen by a lot of strangers, then you can turn your attic into your very own gym. With this idea, you’ll be able to work out at your own pace and never worry about pressure or competition.

Home office

If you tend to spend more time working at home, then having your own office where you can work on your projects is the perfect idea for you. You’ll be less likely to be disturbed!

Once you’re settled with what room you’re going to convert your attic into, contact a professional home builder such as Hood & Joy Builders to make sure you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll get to enjoy the exact design and lay- out of the room you’re imagining. Give them a call right away and start turning your attic into your dream room.

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