Advantages of a Home Extension
22nd June 2016
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Are you considering an extension for your home? It’s a great way to create additional space for your home, at a much cheaper cost than moving home, especially if you have a real love for your home! So, what are the advantages of a home extension carried out by Hood & Joy?


The cost of extending your home, generally is cheaper than moving home but of course, this will depend upon the property you are moving to and from. You should take into account whether the idea of an extension will be financially beneficial to you after calculating the proposed extension and your property value. If you don’t want to move home, an extension is certainly the best option for you! If you would like a quote, Hood & Joy will be more than happy to help.

Added Value…

The extension to your home, undoubtedly will add value to your property. This is because you are adding additional living space to your home, which is proven to add more value to homes. With Hood & Joy excellence in their trade, you are sure to be left with an extension of quality and value. Although you are unlikely to be selling your property immediately unless you are a property developer, when you do sell your home you will really see the difference in price!

Additional Space…

By having an extension, the most obvious fact is that you will be increasing the size of your home. So, if you are in the need of some additional space or you would just generally like additional living space, an extension is for you. Whether it’s a living room, a games room or a play room for the children, the extension for your home will definitely bring you some happiness!

So, if you would like a professional and well recommended builders in Ipswich who can fulfil your needs with quality extensions, contact Hood & Joy today. 

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