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Which type of carpet is which?

21 February 2010 18:47

Tufted, Wilton, Axminster, Twisted Pile, Velvet - no not types of duck or potato! Terms used in carpets which can be quite often confusing!


21 February 2010 18:43

Charles Wilson Carpets are also happy to supply old wool & jute backed carpet for pond liners, or as a weed suppressing membrane for paths or allotments. We will deliver free within 10 miles of Hitchin - much better than adding to landfill!

Common Problems With Carpets

21 February 2010 18:37

People often have a lot of questions about carpets and don't know who to ask - here's a few common ones.

Carpet Fitting is a Craft

21 February 2010 18:28

Would you ask a carpet fitter to build you a wall, then why ask a builder to fit you a carpet?

Choosing Carpet is Like Choosing Your Clothes!

Would you buy your clothes without deciding whether you've got anything to go with it? Does it suit you? Will the quality last? Buying a carpet is very much the same, there are some cheap and cheerful ones or some that will last you years.

Floorings Not Boring!

04 February 2010 23:27

Wooden floors can look great but bear in mind a few things when looking. The colour, grain, does the room get lots of sun, how much will it get walked on?

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