Choosing Carpet is Like Choosing Your Clothes!
21st February 2010
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When buying your clothes do you check the quality & feel of the material? Do you try it on for size & to see if it suits? Buying a carpet is very much the same, after all it's a textile too just like the clothes you buy.  There are cheap and cheerful ones that will last a few years. A bit like the items you might buy just for this season they'll be fine for short term wear but just like a poor jumper they may bobble & pill over the long term. Some carpets are like your classic wardrobe staples - traditional in colour to compliment anything. They have quality wools & fibres that will last you years. These are the little black dresses that can be worn time and time again but still look good. Then there are the luxury items - the real show stoppers and glamour pusses. They have wonderful rich colours, textures & patterns of top quality. Just like that outfit that makes you feel so good when you wear it. These can really lift a room and make it special.  Then of course there's the underlay a bit like Trinny & Suzanah's secret knickers, a good one can help the most basic carpet feel good and smooth things out!  

So if you know someone who would like to try our samples out and complete their houses wardrobe then please ask them to call Helen, Adam or Mark at Charles Wilson Carpets. "Where Flooring's Not Boring!"

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