Carpet Fitting is a Craft
21st February 2010
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Do you know how long an apprenticeship is for carpet and hard flooring fitters? A minimum of 3-5 years and according to our retired fitters more like a lifetime!


Our business started in 1972 with two fitters my Father-in-Law abducted from the carpet department at Blundels department store in Luton. By the time they retired they had clocked up over 90 years of experience between them. These men trained our current 'Head fitter' (he doesn't fit heads) Nick and why we can today still offer the same finesse and traditional methods most companies cannot. Nick has a natural ability and love for his work – meticulous and methodical to a T.


Keith is our apprentice in his second year and learning fast. He is currently taking National Institute of Carpet Fitters courses to increase his knowledge, as well as learning as he works. It costs a lot in time and money but we believe that it is well worth the investment to give our customers the best fitting service we can.  Keith is so enthusiastic he comes in with pictures of seaming and tiling he has done!


Our third employed fitter is my husband Adam, again trained by Len & Jim our originals and he has been fitting for about 3 years now and has also attended many industry courses. Also being a measurer and estimator he can see things from both the fitters and customers sides and hopefully that makes for an easier process for the customer too.


When choosing your flooring the fitting is one of the most important things – the biggest problem at the moment is unqualified people saying they can fit. Would you ask a carpet fitter to build you a wall, then why ask a builder to fit you a carpet?  Helen - Charles Wilson Carpets "Where Flooring's Not Boring!"

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