21st February 2010
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Did you know that you can now buy more environmentally friendly underlay and carpet?


For example, some of the polyurethane underlays use waste material from the furnishing industry. They take the off cuts of foam, crumble it and bond it together to form a lovely springy but durable underlay. 


One of the best examples of recycled underlay is Axminster’s “Axfelt 65”. This wonderful underlay uses recycled lorry tyres to form a strong, long lasting base layer & then two layers of wool & mixed fibre as a felt. This top layer is a great insulator, therefore extra “green” by stopping the loss of heat & so cutting fuel bills!


Some manufacturer’s are also becoming more aware of the impact disposing of old carpet and are taking steps to make them biodegradable. A leader in this field is Louis de Poortere, their new product is “Eco Dream”. It is 100% recyclable, uses a low emission process to produce it, no chemicals & is 100% natural in composition.


Charles Wilson Carpets are also happy to supply old wool & jute backed carpet for pond liners, or as a weed suppressing membrane for paths or allotments. We will deliver free within 10 miles of Hitchin - much better than adding to landfill!

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